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Install Sata Drivers Without A Floppy


This is done near the begining of the XP install. User #67186 1007 posts arthurking83 Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: whrl.pl/RBYiB posted 2005-May-25, 8:15 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/RBYiB posted 2005-May-25, 8:15 pm AEST ferzal writes... It is a case of trial and error and discourages the faint hearted from upgrading to SATA.The third MB I am about to test in this series of socket 754 all If everything is OK, new file merged_floppy.img will be created in C:\create_floppy_image. weblink

Consult your mainboard manual if you are unsure about that. Select the drivers you require and click OK and then click Next, and finally OK to start the process.7. The reason this way doesn't work for disk drivers is because Windows must have access to the disk all the time during installation. Then download and install the Nlite application. click resources

Windows Xp With Sata Drivers Iso

As none of the local stores carry diskettes anymore, I was fortunate to find a box of 10 unused diskettes for $5 at a local thrift store. Can one even buy floppy drives or diskettes anymore? From the next menu window, click Insert and select multiple drive folder option from the drop down menu. I don't see why not (you'd have to burn the drivers to CD)."The Edge - there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where

  1. Choose Yes and wait for the drivers to be inserted into the installation package.
  2. Click Next.6.
  3. Select it (them) and click next.
  4. Wasted hours to try with a floppy disk, driver would load with F6 in setup, but wouldnt after the XP setup started to copy the files to the hard drive.
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  6. What ingredients are involved in this operation?

Clone this image from the PATA to the SATA drive. Boot your Windows Setup from the media you have burned earlier, no floppy required, SATA drive is automatically recognized by Windows Setup. For $12 from computeralliance, it is cheap. Windows Xp Sata Drivers Download Plus Fry's selection of 3.5 diskettes has almost faded away.

So, you don't use any Windows Operating System either too! :)) Ouch... tried a 'latest version' of Linux ??? Thanks men for your detailed info. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Windows-XP-On-SATA-Without-a-Floppy-F6-47807.shtml Windows provides special mechanism for that purpose: loading drivers during Windows Setup, when Windows Setup had not yet loaded Windows Kernel, and operating in Text Mode.

They are loaded into memory before Windows Kernel, so there are no USB drivers loaded yet at that stage, no CD-ROM drivers, no bus drivers, nothing at all. Download Windows Xp Sp3 Sata Ahci I'm surprised that none of you local stores had any diskette drives. i need to do a windows repair and to do so i need to install these external sata drivers for my hard drives. There are plenty of software products that helps with that, one I've tried is ISO to USB.

F6 Floppy Drivers

Check out Nlite.http://www.short-media.com/printcontent.php?print=r&id=284http://maximumpc.com/2005/01/how_to_slipstre.html 0Votes Share Flag Collapse - Where is the driver now? It may say ATA. Windows Xp With Sata Drivers Iso Get the answer jihiggsJul 11, 2005, 11:57 PM any time i have installed windows it doesnt give an option to get the drivers off a cd, only from a floppy. Windows Xp Sata Drivers Usb you say it didn't work?I'll be gettin a couple of 250ish Gig drives to replace my 160's this week and I was going to give that method a shot!

Reply Goverthana 9 years ago Thanks Dude! have a peek at these guys I'm not talking about RAID.I'm pretty sure I didn't need any. But it doen't work for disk drivers. Reply HAL9000 2 years ago Where did you get the idea NLite will cost money, it's always been completely free? Add Sata Driver To Bootable Usb Flash Drive

I tried this a couple of times with my GigaByte N7400Pro2 mobo (Sil3112 SATA controller) but never got it to work :(I the end I just built a CD with numerous Lots of nForce3 motherboards out there. That is why I got that external USB floppy drive, always there when I need it! http://directoryhint.com/sata-driver/install-sata-drivers-floppy.php WINNT.SIF - Unattended Script For more information on unattended scripts see Article TTID# 202.

Then click "Next": 8) Choose "Insert" → "Single driver": 9) Navigate to previously extracted floppy files (step 3) and choose one of the files ("iaahci.inf" in this example): 10) You may F6 Driver Install Windows 7 Step-by-step guide follows: 1) Copy contents of your Windows XP Installation CD into the new folder and call it "WinXP". 2) Download F6 floppy drivers from website of your motherboard vendor, From the operating system's perspective, disk contoller operates either in ATA mode (old ATA contollers + new SATA controllers in ATA-compatible mode) or in AHCI mode (new SATA controllers in AHCI

By 30(ish)MB/s.How this affects application performance, I don't know??

What is AHCI/RAID drivers? A: None of pre-Windows 2000 (Windows 3.11, Windows 95/98 and Windows ME). Insert the genuine Windows Installation CD into the CD drive and, inside the application, select the CD drive letter. Sata Driver For Windows Xp User #41342 583 posts cooks44 Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: whrl.pl/RBl6K posted 2005-May-10, 12:57 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/RBl6K posted 2005-May-10, 12:57 pm AEST I've built one or two machines where the BIOS

In the end a floppy is less trouble but if you're anything like me you'll do it out of spite. unless you are lucky enough to have a raid controler that is recognised as native or whatever to your bios and bootable you NEED a floppy drive durring windows install to I am not sure the old floppy drive I have works or whether the diskette (the original that came with my Abit NF7-S motherboard) has gone bad. this content From the info I've read 'out there' more people have problems with this controller, than most others.

Thank you again. There's a special software for that purpose called nLite. Reset Post Submit Post Search Related Discussions 0 Opinions on these 2 cases??? SATA drivers doesnt really exist.

Join the community here. you are the genius! I don't have a floppy (A) drive for the motherboard/ notebook sata drivers - how can I get XP to look elsewhere? Thompson, Hell's Angels, 1965 riserJul 11, 2005, 9:31 PM Do as listed above..I don't recall having to install sata drivers when I built my computer though..

Should be C:\OS\ROOT\i386\DOSNET.INF Paste the following into the [FloppyFiles.1] section: d1,iastor.sys Paste the following into the [Files] section: d1,iastor.cat d1,iastor.inf d1,iastor.sys d1,iaahci.cat d1,iaahci.inf Save DOSNET.INF. Your info help me overcome my XP installation problem Reply Fernando 3 years ago this is a very useful tool.. User #62954 488 posts JAB_au Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RBmb4 posted 2005-May-10, 1:35 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/RBmb4 posted 2005-May-10, 1:35 pm AEST cooks44 writes... User #13578 6366 posts RevengeOfTheNerd Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: whrl.pl/RBtLg posted 2005-May-12, 9:49 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/RBtLg posted 2005-May-12, 9:49 pm AEST Coyote writes...

What's F6 floppy drivers for Windows XP installation?How do they differ from normal Windows drivers? 3.