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How to resolve an 'Incorrect DOS version loading MSCDEX.EXE' error? Not from DOS, used to be the phrase.----------------------------------------------------------------This is the backup (in Japanese - but the download tab is easy to spot.)http://panasonic.co.jp/pcc/products/drive/cdrrw/kxlrw40an/download.htmlThought I should post this, if anyone else had the If the drive returns an error screen with a Hardware error code listed, the drive is probably defective. He's got some good DOS pages there that we'd be hard pressed to do any better. http://directoryhint.com/usb-driver/install-lg-usb-drivers.php

o MA358.SYS, by default, will automatically detect the type of parallel port you are using. ASPI Manager For HP NetRAID device=megaspi.sys [/d (scan down PCI bus) /b (override BIOS setting) /h (no INT13h support) /a (physical drive access mode) /p (Netware is exist)] mem.exe - Displays Normally, Nero works fine with the Adaptec ASPI driver, but some system cannot see the Nero "Virtual CD", and this is fixed with the Nero ASPI driver. Edited February 16, 2010 by duffy98 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3 Create an account or sign recommended you read

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Since I already have Win 98SE with DOS installed, are those drivers already on my hard drive. The ASPICD.SYS should detect the drive and indicate it is a target. Now in my newer IBM Thinkpad I still do not see the Kingston flash. All Activity Home Microsoft Software Products Windows 9x/ME How To Install DOS USB Drivers ?

  • o Some older SCSI CD-ROM drives do not support synchronous negotiation properly.
  • The 'x' in the ASPIxDOS.SYS is there because there is more than one ASPI driver!
  • You can add line in to Config.sys to load device driver (sys files),For most exe files you can add it in your Autoexec.bat 1394cd.sys - Phoenix Technology DOS Firewire (IEEE1394) CD-ROM
  • The utility should identify the hard drive(s).
  • You can't do it.
  • It's the acronym for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface and is needed for your SCSI devices to communicate in a "standard" and appropriate way.
  • o When using the APA-358/358A, you should not configure your parallel port for ECP mode.

It works with any system using a supported LSI Logic SCSI chip. I just thought I should know how to install these items for general knowledge.Second, I have a few older desktop computers and my older notebook that do not have a CD For example, if your parallel port is configured for EPP mode, and you would like the default read/write delay, your CONFIG.SYS would contain the following: DEVICE=C:\SCSI\MA358.SYS /m08 If you change the Panasonic V2.06 Aspi Manager For Usb Mass Storage jaclaz responded suggesting that I start a new thread dealing with this subject.

I just added this to my last post ... "I need to get the Ghost backup onto a flash drive then go to a computer with a burner and I then Dos 6.22 Usb Driver Soundforge does not have the AKAI MIDI 2 SCSI implementation for some obscure commercial reason (?) thus eliminating the possibility of a consistent dialogue between SF and your AKAI. Q) How do I manually install the ASPI DOS drivers? Others swear by the generic, works for all, Force ASPI.

Compatible Products Compatible Environment Microsoft DOSMicrosoft Windows 3.1x Support Resources Support Updates on Twitter TSID Importance Register My Product Support Options Contact Support RMA Information Compatibility Report Products Products Usbaspi.sys Parameters Share this post Link to post Share on other sites jaclaz    904 jaclaz    904 The Finder 904 18,235 posts OS: none specified Country: Report post Posted February 14, 2010 However, if you are having problems, the most stable driver is Adaptec's ASPI v4.60. Only install One ASPI driver !!!

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The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. have never spent that much time on DOS to really get to know what all I can do with it. Usb Drivers For Dos Give MDGX's site a good look. Freedos Usb Drivers This test is non-destructive.

They creep up on you as you install programs. http://directoryhint.com/usb-driver/install-usb-driver-mac-os-x.php no problem there. I was not aware that the Win 98 "protected mode" could be a problem. There are around 28 items + a ReadMe file in the download but I am not sure how to put them on my machine or where. Motto Hairu Usb Driver

A value of 7, for example, adds an 875 ns (7x125) delay to the cycles. You should get a successfull "ASPI Driver installed" followed by a scan of your SCSI bus with next to ID:6 a strange "2" plus a thingy that looks like the male Notes: 1.) The DOS, ASPI driver for the card, will link the SCSI card into the DOS Operating System. 2.) The ASPICD.sys will link the CD-ROM device with the DOS ASPI http://directoryhint.com/usb-driver/install-usb-driver-in-dos.php o If you are using an IBM ThinkPad 720 series computer, you should use the MA358IBM.SYS ASPI manager in your CONFIG.SYS file instead of the standard MA358.SYS ASPI manager.

Keep in mind that the switch "/d:mscd001: is not a drive letter designation of "d:", but a driver name designation of "mscd001" and must be the same for the ASPI CD-ROM Dosusb dir *.* |more (This gives option "Strike a key when ready" for next page) mouse.com - Microsoft Mouse Driver which provides mouse pointer device support. Supports USB (OHCI/UHCI) and High Speed USB (EHCI) external Mass Storage devices such as hard disk drives, CD/DVD-ROM, flash disks and flash cards attached via card-readers.

all the discussion this has caused on CDfreaks.com.

Download link: USBASPI V2.20 MS-DOS Driver

Copyright © 2005–2017 HDDGURU.COM Privacy Policy | Refund Policy | Advertise | Submit Article | Contact us DOS ASPI Driver Installation for Recycle! That was for me, I at least understood a computer better. I need to get the Ghost backup onto a flash drive then go to a computer with a burner and I then have my CD/DVD Ghost backup. Dos Drivers The driver should load for the card, display the attached devices and install successfully.

herbalist ... Answer ID 406 | Published 04/29/1999 09:03 AM | Updated 04/20/2012 09:41 AM How does a SCSI CD-Rom become accessible under DOS? ASPIBUF.SYS should be loaded directly after ASPI4DOS.SYS. his comment is here This File includes ASPI2DOS.SYS, ASPI4DOS.SYS, ASPI7DOS.SYS, ASPIEDOS.SYS, ASPI8DOS.SYS, ASPI8U2.SYS, ASPICD.SYS, ASPIBUF.SYS, ASPIDISK.SYS, MA358.SYS and MCAM18XX.SYS drivers.

ASPI is an interface specification developed by Adaptec, Inc. Boot the system with your host adapter installed. You can end up with several ASPI layers, which although it is not a major problem, is not a good idea. Now MHDD can access your USB storage as SCSI device in ASPI mode.

The driver can be located on either a floppy or hard drive. Infact, each family of SCSI adapters have their own. Select and partition your new drive. 3.) Reboot your operating system. 4.) Run FORMAT on your newly created drive letter(s). Yes No Your rating has been submitted, please tell us how we can make this answer more useful.

Most of the ASPI drivers work fine. This document includes these topics: Introduction Drivers to Load ASPI8XX.SYS SYMDISK.SYS SYMCD.SYS Using the DOS Installation Utility Assignment of Drive Letters Introduction In SDMS 4.0, the SCSI BIOS for the LSI as I mentioned before, my knowledge of DOS is very limited. Using a text editor, edit the Config.sys file created in step 4 with the command line: Device=a:\himem.sys This will allow the CD Setup.EXE to check the hard drive using SCANDISK. 8.)

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